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Is it Time to Replace Your AC? How to Tell & What to Consider

Who hasn’t experienced a sweltering summer day and found themselves offering praise to the invention of air conditioning? Specifically, this thanks can go to Willis Carrier, an American engineer credited with inventing the first modern air conditioner in 1902. Air conditioning units function by taking the warm air or heat inside of our homes and living spaces and dumping it outside, making those higher temperature days more bearable.  

However, if we discover our unit has broken down or isn’t functioning properly, this bearability can quickly diminish. The number one factor in determining when it is time to replace your unit is the age of your air conditioner.  Lack of cool air, moisture buildup, and high energy bills are also issues to be aware of. When considering whether or not you need to replace an AC, it’s important to look at each potential problem area and its source.

Age: A common question from homeowners or renters is “How long do AC units last?” A follow-up question to ask yourself is, “Was this unit purchased within the last decade? Well-maintained air conditioners can typically last around 15 years, but it’s recommended that you keep an existing unit running no more than 10 years. There are plenty of energy efficient options available on the market today, so finding a replacement option that best fits your needs can ultimately provide you with an improved and more cost-effective unit.

Temperature: If you’re finding it difficult to maintain a comfortable, cool, and consistent temperature in your home, especially during the summer months, this is a potential warning sign that you may be in need of a new air conditioning unit. Call in an expert to determine the main reason a lack of cool air is being produced – it could be anything from low Freon levels to broken compressors. It’s also worth checking the thermostat and its functionality. If it isn’t working, this may prevent the effective cooling of one or multiple areas of your home or apartment.

Refrigerant Leaks: Refrigerant leaks are considered to be the biggest mechanical problem with air conditioning units and can often be the most frustrating. In conjunction with a heat pump, refrigerant helps to move heat from one area to another. If you begin to notice large leaks or pools of water around your unit, contact a professional right away as these problems can pose serious risks to you and your family. It can damage floors, furniture, or lead to mold. Another issue with refrigerant leaks is the cost it involves to replace it. According to Angie’s List, “Repairing a leak, adding refrigerant and replacing a compressor can cost about the same as buying a new, low-end unit.” If interested in replacing your unit in its entirety, check out these options.

We have a tendency to squeeze as much life as we can from our air conditioning units when the weather calls for it, and you want to be prepared for the season ahead and all that it entails – get togethers, parties, and overall comfortability. All Year Heating and Air Conditioning can evaluate whether your AC needs a simple repair or if a replacement is required. We pride ourselves on being your hometown heating and air experts. If a repair is a less cost-effective option due to your AC unit’s age or poor efficiency, our comfort consultants will analyze your needs and suggest a replacement option that is best suited for you. For analysis, expertise, and service, call us today at 417-466-2515 or contact us online.

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